Gain Your Cloud Freedom With
Cloud Storage

Storing your data in a cloud does not imply dependency on a single cloud provider anymore! By unlocking your application from the specific cloud vendor or protocol, you finally gain a freedom to decide when and where to store your data. And we took care about data migration too!

No More Lock In

Isn’t it nice to have the flexibility to move your data between Amazon, Microsoft, Google and other cloud storage providers with a touch of a slider? There is no lock in with Flexify.IO as well - you are in total control of your data.

Win Price Wars

Do you want your cloud provider win every round of the price war? In fact it can! Once you gain a freedom to store your new data with any provider, it is easier than ever to save extra dollars from your tight IT budget.

Peace of Mind

Did you ever thought what would you do if your cloud storage provider does not fit you anymore? Now moving data to another provider is easier than ever. And there is even no need to modify your application code.

Free Cloud Data Migration

Copy or move up to 100GB of data between clouds free of charge!
No installation required.

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Data Migration

With intutive Migration Wizard, copy or move your data between different providers, or between buckets or regions of the same provider.

Protocol Conversion

One your data is in another cloud, your application may not be able to access it anymore. Flexify.IO takes care of this by transparently converting the protocols.

Data Splitting

Flexibly split your data between providers with a move of a sliders. Your application still see it as a single namespace.

Migration Strategies

Depending on your priorities, we can either actively move existing data or relocate objects only when they are written saving your data transfer costs.

Conflict Resolution

Should there be already data in a migration destination, you have flexible rules to tell us what you want to do with this data (keep, overwrite, etc.).

Incremental Migration

We skip unnecessary copying if an object with mathing key and hash already exists, making migration faster and saving you data transfer costs.


Schedule incremental migration to run periodically, and have your destination data incrementally synced with the source.

No Installation

Flexify.IO is SaaS and runs in a cloud. There is no need to install anything locally, and data migration traffic will not create additional load on your network.


Flexify.IO uses connectors to read and write cloud data. Flexible architecture allows us to easily add new connectors. If you need another protocol or provider, send us a request.

Amazon S3

Microsoft Azure

Google Storage


$9.99 / month
$29.99 / month
All Connectors
Data Migration
Data Splitting
Protocol Conversion
Incremental Migration
Conflict Resolution
Migration Strategies
Scheduled Migration
Data Volume 1,000 GB
+$2.99 extra TB
3,000 GB
+$3.99 extra TB
Monthly Traffic 100 GB
300 GB
+$0.08 extra GB
900 GB
+$0.09 extra GB
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