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We help businesses build cloud-agnostic solutions by simplifying migration and avoiding dependency on a single cloud storage provider.

Flexify® IO is the world’s first multi-cloud storage and migration solution. We help businesses move and diversify across multiple storage providers by virtualizing object storage and simplifying data migrations.
  • Cloud Data Migration

    Move or copy your objects between cloud providers at cloud native-speeds and with no downtime.

    On-premise object storage is also supported.

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  • Multi-Cloud Storage

    Split or replicate your data between multiple clouds or your own object storage.

    Flexify.IO will merge the data and present it to your applications as a single unified S3-compatible virtual endpoint.

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  • S3-Azure Gateway

    Your S3-compatible applications can now store data in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage with no need to rewrite the code.

    Flexify.IO transparently translates S3 API to Azure Blob Storage API.

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Free Migration to Backblaze B2

Migrating over 50 TB to Backblaze B2? It might be 100% free and all costs fully covered.

Free Migration to IDrive e2

Are you looking to transfer over 50 TB from AWS S3 to IDrive e2? IDrive will cover your migration costs.


  • Avoid Provider Lock In

    Flexify.IO unlocks applications from any specific cloud vendor or API giving you the freedom to decide where to store or migrate your data.

  • Lower Traffic Costs

    Utilize Flexify-managed infrastructure to avoid paying extraordinaire cloud providers’ egress fees when migrating or accessing data in a multi-cloud environment.

  • Ensure Compliance

    Store data in geographies where it must be legally stored while still having it in a single unified namespace.

  • Lower Storage Costs

    The flexibility to choose any cloud to move or store data at any moment makes it easier to save more dollars from your precious budget.

  • Improve Reliability

    Replicating or storing data in multiple clouds simultaneously provides extra protection from data loss or downtime in any individual cloud.

  • Save Time

    Start your first migration or configure a virtual multi-cloud endpoint in minutes instead of investing pressures engineering time in custom throw-away scripts or resorting to manual copy.

Supported Clouds

Flexify uses connectors to read and write data to cloud or on-premise object storage. If your cloud provider is not in the list, let us know.




Flexify allowed us to seamlessly migrate millions of objects between S3-compatible storage providers extremely fast.

Aviad Natovich

Digital Turbine

Big thanks to Flexify for their invaluable assistance with the migration from AWS to GCP. Sergey and the team provided outstanding support and availability, which greatly facilitated our timely completion of the migration. Much appreciated!

Stephen Chung

Executive Director

Chen Hsong Holdings

Flexify.IO is working WONDERFULLY with Azure Blob Storage. Everything JUST WORKS. It is absolutely amazing.

David Liu

Founder and CEO

Musify Inc.

Working with Sergey at Flexify was the best third party vendor experience from the beginning to the end. Regardless of the time of the day, Sergey was available to support the migration process.


Software developer

I LOVE when companies reach out to me about an issue before I even contact them about it. That's stellar support, bravo Flexify!

David Liu

Founder and CEO

Musify Inc.

It has been one of the best partnerships I've had with a third party vendor. We are confident at all of our files have been migrated successfully thanks for Flexify's in-depth expertise.

JP from NYC

SADA Services

Freaking easy to use.

Stephen Chung

Executive Director

Chen Hsong Holdings

We successfully use Azure Blob Storage with the popular Discourse forum engine, which supports S3 only, by going through Flexify.IO.

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About Us

Based in Florida, Flexify® was founded in 2015 with the goal to unlock storage from cloud providers to enable flexible migration and virtualization in a multi-cloud world.

We shipped a prototype in 2016, followed by a production release in 2018. Since than we have been gradually improving the product by adding new features and extending support for cloud providers and storage partners.

With thousands of customers trusting us petabytes of data, our focus is on quality and reliability, wrapped in an easy-to-use interface.


Flexify.IO CTO says multi-cloud migration within easy reach

Multi-cloud storage and migration can be a costly hassle, but Flexify.IO CTO Sergey Kandaurov claims his company's flagship product can help eliminate fees and woes about lock-in. Flexify.IO wants to make it easier for customers to adopt storage across multiple clouds.

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Supercharged Data Migration with Flexify.IO

The thought of migrating petabytes or even terabytes of data from your existing cloud provider to another may seem impossible. Naturally, as data sets grow, they become harder to move, and many times the inertia of that growing data means...

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How to Migrate Spaces with Flexify.IO

To get started with Spaces, you may have some existing data that you need to move into Spaces “buckets” from other locations outside of DigitalOcean. While you cannot natively import or export buckets with DigitalOcean Spaces...

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How do I use with Wasabi? (Flexify) is multi-cloud storage and zero-downtime migration solution that allows migrating data to Wasabi from other clouds or on-premise file storage, migrating data between Wasabi buckets and regions, and duplicating or distributing...

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Motion: Saving Time and Money Using the Cloud

Though he was worried about the feasibility of moving 45TB of data out of S3, Backblaze partner Flexify.IO executed the transfer in a day. \ With the time and cost savings he realized by switching to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage...

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Flexify.IO Promotes Universal S3 Gateway

Multi-cloud is a reality, a need and an objective for many users. A reality because we live in a world with multiple players - 3 or 4 cloud giants with AWS, Azure, GCP and Alibaba and many second tier ones -, a need as users refuse to be locked-in, and an objective as the choice...

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Flexify brings virtualisation layer to multi-cloud storage

Cloud storage virtualisation provider allows application access via S3 API calls to a single destination while capacity can be in numerous clouds with migration between them. There are a number of ways to work in a multi-cloud environment...

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Why You Need Multi-Cloud Storage

Going multi-cloud is the trend of 2021. Intense competition between cloud providers results in more, and oftentimes improved alternatives to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the commoditization of various cloud services.

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Flexify.IO Integrates Dropbox Support

The Flexify.IO multi-cloud migration service announced integration of support for Dropbox, complementing its list of storage providers. Flexify.IO, the world's first multi-cloud storage virtualization and migration service, has announced support for Dropbox.

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Efficient Data Migration for Multi-Cloud Storage Solutions?

The ability to safely and efficiently migrate data between clouds is an important part of a multi-cloud strategy that is based on the ability of enterprises to choose among a broad selection of services from different clouds.

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Filebase announces Flexify.IO integration

Decentralized object storage provider Filebase has announced today a new integration with multi-cloud storage virtualization and migration platform Flexify.IO. Following the start of the collaboration, Filebase’s customers...

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