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Storage and Migration

Flexify.IO is the world’s first cloud storage virtualization and migration solution. We help business building cloud-agnostic solutions by simplifying migration and avoiding dependency on a single cloud storage provider.

How It Works?

Multi-Cloud Storage

Split your data between multiple clouds. Flexify.IO merges the data and presents it to your application as a single S3-compatable virtual bucket.

S3-Azure API Translation

Deploy your S3-compatable applications to Microsoft Azure with no need to change code. Flexify.IO transparently converts S3 API to Azure Blob API.

Cloud Data Migration

Move or copy your data between clouds. Flexify.IO ensures maximum throughput, handles errors and eliminates downtime during migration.

Free Account with $20 Balance

Move over 100GB of data between clouds free of charge!

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Change Clouds at Any Time

Flexify.IO makes it easier then ever to move data between clouds: fast, with zero downtime and no need to change application code.

Avoid Provider Lock In

Flexify.IO unlocks applications from any specific cloud vendor or API giving you the freedom to decide where to store or migrate your data.

Reduce Storage Costs

The flexibility to choose any cloud to move or store data at any moment makes it easier to save more dollars from your precious budget.

Protect Your Data

Replicating or storing data in multiple clouds simultaneously provides extra protection from data loss or downtime in any individual cloud.

Gain from Commoditization

Many cloud providers now offer object storage on par or exceeding Amazon S3. Flexify.IO is the tool to benefit from this competition.

SaaS or Private Deployment

Flexify.IO is available as a cloud service managed by us or can be installed privately in your cloud or on-premise for extra security.


Flexify.IO uses connectors to read and write cloud data. Flexible architecture allows us to easily add new connectors. If you use another storage provider, send us a request.


Charged by migration and proxying data traffic passing though Flexify.IO from the beginning of each month.
Managed by us
Managed by you
First 10 TB $0.19
per GB
Next 50 TB $0.15
per GB
Next 90 TB $0.12
per GB
Over 150 TB $0.09
per GB
by request
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