Move petabytes between clouds

Migrate any volumes of data across all major cloud providers with peace of mind. We have already migrated petabytes of data for thousands of happy customers.

Flexify® IO offers ultra-fast cloud-to-cloud migration optimized for petabytes of data and billions of objects at the cheapest possible total cost, often cheaper than manual transfers.

Free Migration to Backblaze B2

Migrating over 50 TB to Backblaze B2? It might be 100% free and all costs fully covered.

Free Migration to IDrive e2

Are you looking to transfer over 50 TB from AWS S3 to IDrive e2? IDrive will cover your migration costs.


  • Cloud-Native

    Flexify.IO, unlike other solutions build around legacy file or block storage, focuses exclusively on object storage a native kind of storage behind Amazon S3, resulting in best compatibility and cloud-native scalability.

  • Ultra-Fast

    Horizontally scalable architecture combined with cloud-native design significantly reduces the time required to migrate your data. Flexify.IO migrations routinely run at 10 Gbps or more, and in special projects we can migrate over 1,000 TB per day.

  • Secure

    Flexify.IO never stores your data and uses encryption for data transfers. In most cases, the data would not travel over the public internet. We can deploy Flexify.IO entirely in your environment to further improve security and meet advanced compliance requirements.

  • Reliable

    Designed and tested for petabyte-size migrations, Flexify.IO always calculates and verifies checksums and hashes to ensure data consistency, properly handles errors and automatically performs retries. Detailed migration report provides an audit trail.

  • Affordable

    Flexify.IO uses proprietary infrastructure to help you avoid provider’s egress traffic fees. As the result, the total cost of the migration with Flexify.IO is just a fraction of the cost your cloud provider would have charged you if you download data yourself.

  • Easy

    With simple and intuitive web console for management and monitoring it takes under a minute to start your first migration. For large migrations, our experts can help with planning, or even perform the turn-key migration on your behalf, freeing your time to focus on your business.

Migration Price

Migration cost, especially cloud providers’ traffic egress fees, is the major factor preventing data owners from migrating their data to a more suitable or cost-effective cloud provider. At Flexify, we thrive to make your data transfer as affordable as possible.

1 The rate may differ from shown here depending on migrations settings. Always check the rate shown in the Flexify.IO Management Console before starting a migration.

2 Cloud provider’s fee is an estimate of egress traffic fees paid by the data owner directly to the provider. The estimate does not include data retrieval, API requests and other fees. See cloud provider’s pricing page for the up-to-date pricing.

3 The cloud provider is not expected to charge egress traffic fees because we will read data from the same region. The provider may charge other fees such as for data retrieval or API requests.

$ United States dollar (USD)

Euro (EUR)

¥ Chinese yuan (CNY)

* Indicates that the fee is not known. Contact Flexify or storage provide to estimate the cost.


  • Copy / Move Mode

    Copy or move data between cloud buckets or containers. We only remove data from the source bucket/container when migration is confirmed by the destination cloud.

  • Multi-Stream

    Flexify.IO performs migration in thousands of parallel streams to reach maximum available throughput, especially for long-distance inter-continent migrations.

  • Multi-Engine

    Flexify.IO splits migration between multiple automatically deployed dedicated engines to ensure enough computation is available for your migration.

  • Incremental Migration

    Run the same migration again, and by default it will analyze changes and skip data already migrated to the destination. This allows easy synchronization of changes made in the source since the previous migration.

  • Conflict Resolution Rules

    You can control what to do in case an object with identical key already exists in the destination bucket: skip, overwrite, keep both, or keep the latest version.

  • Hash Match

    If the destination already has the object, we can skip migrating it again of hashes, such as MD5 or SHA256, match. This option can be disabled if hash collision is a concern.

  • Multiple Buckets Mapping

    Multiple “from-to” buckets/containers mappings can be configured per migration for simplified management of larger, more complex migrations.

  • Filters

    Skip processing some of the objects based on regex/pattern filter on objects’ modification date.

  • Custom Objects List

    By default, Flexify.IO get objects to be migrated by listing objects in the source bucket. Alternatively, you can provide the list as a file.

  • Add/Remove Prefix

    Use the migration as an opportunity to restructure your data, such split different prefixes/folders into different buckets, or adding certain prefixes to your object keys.

  • Automatic Retries

    Flexify automatically retries failed requests up to 100 times to ensure that all objects are successfully migrated, even in case of intermittent connectivity or storage failures.

  • Multi-User Management

    Allow multiple users of your organization to share their Flexify migrations and consolidate billing. With the improved partner management tools, it’s trivial to onboard and manage users and their permissions.

  • Advanced Controls

    You can always customize advanced migration parameters such as the number of steams, engines, retries, or multi-part limit and part size.

  • Zero-Downtime Migration

    Ensuring data consistency during live data migration might be a challenge. The traditional solution is to pause updates for the duration of the migration, or least during the incremental sync.

    With Flexify.IO this is not necessary as Flexify.IO comes with a virtual endpoint that combines data from all cloud providers into a single unified namespace, making objects migration effectively transparent for applications and users.

    We also convert other APIs, such as Azure Blob Storage, to the standard S3 on the fly.

  • On-prem and Hybrid Storage

    While Flexify.IO is cloud-native in its DNA, we also support on-premise object storage systems, such as CEPH and Dell EMC ECS. This allows you to migrate data to the cloud, repatriate from the cloud, or move data from one storage to another withing your data center or private cloud.

  • Planning and Consulting

    Each migration is special. While Flexify.IO makes migration process extremely fast and easy, larger migrations may have unique requirements that need careful planning and special considerations.

    With our extensive experience successfully running thousands of migrations, copying and moving billions of objects and petabytes of data, in all kinds of tricky situations, we are always happy to help you on all stages of your project – from migration planning to actually running and monitoring the migration.

    Our experts will help you understand potential impact of your data migrations on users and applications, handle tricky scenarios like the need to restore data from Amazon Glacier, and carefully plan the migration to minimize impact on your business.




Flexify allowed us to seamlessly migrate millions of objects between S3-compatible storage providers extremely fast.

Aviad Natovich

Digital Turbine

Big thanks to Flexify for their invaluable assistance with the migration from AWS to GCP. Sergey and the team provided outstanding support and availability, which greatly facilitated our timely completion of the migration. Much appreciated!

David Liu

Founder and CEO

Musify Inc.

Working with Sergey at Flexify was the best third party vendor experience from the beginning to the end. Regardless of the time of the day, Sergey was available to support the migration process.


Software developer

I LOVE when companies reach out to me about an issue before I even contact them about it. That's stellar support, bravo Flexify!

David Liu

Founder and CEO

Musify Inc.

It has been one of the best partnerships I've had with a third party vendor. We are confident at all of our files have been migrated successfully thanks for Flexify's in-depth expertise.

JP from NYC

SADA Services

Freaking easy to use.

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