Migrate from Amazon S3 to IDrive e2

Are you looking to transfer over 50 TB from AWS S3 or other object storage providers to IDrive® e2? IDrive will cover your migration costs.

Why switch to IDrive e2?

  • High Performance

    With 15 edge locations globally, IDrive e2 provides users with faster access and low latency.

  • Cost-efficient

    IDrive e2 pricing starts at $4/TB/Month, with no egress costs and discounted yearly storage plans, resulting in 90% cost savings compared to AWS.

  • S3 integrations

    No changes to your workflow! Use your existing S3 functions, tools, utilities, libraries, plugins, and extensions to work with IDrive e2 cloud object storage.

  • Flexibility

    Migrating to IDrive e2 does not require additional tools. Configure the source and destination to start the data transfer.

  • Scalable storage

    Store petabyte-scale of unstructured data for leveraging AI/ML projects, data lakes, and more. Your storage grows limitlessly with your data.

  • Security & Compliance

    IDrive e2 is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and assists organizations to comply with federal mandates of GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SEC/FINRA, and FIPS.

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