Licensing Policy

This licensing policy defines specific licensing rules and conditions for Flexify Inc. (“FLEXIFY”) products. The use of FLEXIFY products is subject to your ("Customer") compliance with the License Agreement. Flexify products may be referred to as "Software" within this Licensing Policy.



A "Customer" is defined as the user of the Software, either individual or entity.


Referring to the list below, Flexify.IO "Component" is an architectural element of the Software that can be deployed separately.

  • Flexify.IO Management Server - holds configuration data and provides REST APIs for management and monitoring;
  • Flexify.IO Web Console - provides browser-based GUI for management and monitoring;
  • Flexify.IO Engine - processes S3 applications requests and data migrations.


"Instance" is concrete occurrence of Component deployed and controlled by a Customer. A typical on-premise Flexify.IO installation includes one instance of Flexify.IO Management Server, one instance of Flexify.IO Web Console and several instances of Flexify.IO Engine.

Hybrid installations may include only some of the components, consuming functionality of remaining components from a cloud service.


Flexify provides several Software Editions, which define available functionality and licensing terms of the Software. The following table defines Flexify.IO Editions.

Edition Licensing Terms
Flexify.IO Community Edition All components must be deployed on a single machine.
Flexify.IO Standard Edition The number of deployed Instances must not exceed the licensed amount.
Flexify.IO Enterprise Edition Unlimited number of Instances within the company.
Flexify.IO Service Provider Edition Removes the prohibition to process third party data.

In addition to those Editions, Flexify offers Software as a Service (SaaS), separately covered by Terms of Use. In hybrid deployments your Instances might communicate with Flexify.IO SaaS, covered by different terms.

License Type

License Type defines certain licensing terms and might be: Perpetual, Subscription, Evaluation, NFR, Community Edition and Free.

Perpetual License

Customers who purchase a Perpetual License get the right to use the version of the Software purchased for the lifetime of the product. Unless stated otherwise, one year of Basic support and maintenance is included with any purchase of the Perpetual License. To stay eligible for product updates and support, Customers must renew their annual maintenance.

Subscription License

Customers who purchase a Subscription License get the right to use the version of the Software for a specified term, depending on SKU purchased. Basic support and maintenance is included for the entire term of the Subscription License, provided the Customer is compliant with this Licensing Policy and the License Agreement.

Evaluation and NFR Licenses

A license designated as an "Evaluation" or "NFR license" authorizes users to use the Software for a limited period, which is stated in the license for non-production evaluation or demonstration purposes only.

OEM License

Flexify.IO partners who obtain Flexify.IO OEM licenses can transfer the licenses to their customers as part of partner's products or solutions.

The partner must take measures to account for a number of deployed Flexify.IO Instances, and if the number of deployed Instances exceeds the number of purchased OEM licenses, acquire additional OEM licenses from Flexify.IO to cover all deployed Instanced within one month from the time when such Instances has been deployed.

The partner must offer first-line support for Flexify.IO installations covered by OEM licenses and serve as a single point of contact between end users and Flexify.IO.

Community Edition and Free License

Flexify.IO provides some Software free of charge with full or limited functionality under restricted licensing terms. No support and maintenance contract is included with those licenses and any support is on a best-effort basis.

Marketplace Image

"Marketplace Image" means a virtual machine or container image made available by Flexify.IO for use in a cloud marketplace (such as Azure Marketplace or Docker Hub) and in which the Software is pre-installed. When the Software is delivered to Customer as pre-installed on Marketplace Image, the Customer has a right to use the Software only in virtual machines or containers directly deployed from Marketplace Image. If the Software is delivered to Customer as pre-installed on Marketplace Image with the operating system or other third-party software pre-installed, the right to use the operating system is governed by licensing terms of this operating system and other third-party software. By using the Software Customer accepts the licensing terms of such an operating system and other third-party software, otherwise the Customer must not use the Software.

Support and Maintenance

Flexify.IO has three maintenance programs: Basic, Commercial and Premium. Basic program is included in paid Perpetual and Subscription Licenses, while Commercial and Premium programs may be purchased separately.

Program Hours Reply Time Resolution Priority Channels
Basic 8x5 Within 24 hours Medium: Critical issues are resolves in 23 hours. Email
Commercial 24x7 Within 6 hours High: critical issues are resolves in 8 hours. Email & phone
Premium 24x7 Within 1 hour Highest: critical issues are resolved in 2 hours.
90% of hight severity issues are resolved in 48 hours.
Priority email & phone

Support for Customers with the Community Edition/Free License/NFR licensed Software is provided on a best-effort basis.
New releases and maintenance updates available only to Customers with a current maintenance contract.

Maintenance Contract Renewal

One year of Basic support and maintenance is included with any new Perpetual License purchased. Subscription Licenses include Basic support and maintenance for the full term of the license.

Basic annual maintenance renewal costs equal to 22% of the list price for new licenses at the time of renewal for each license purchased under perpetual licensing.

It is possible to purchase maintenance contracts for several years in advance. However, maintenance contracts are limited to a maximum of three years in advance for all orders.

Maintenance contract renewals more than one month past due will be assessed a 25% reinstatement fee compared with annual renewal and may be denied if maintenance contract expired more than 13 months ago.