Migrate from Amazon S3 to Backblaze B2

And start saving 75% on cloud storage costs. With Backblaze B2, you pay only for what you use - no minimums, tiers, or fine print. They also offer the lowest download fees in the industry.

Making the Switch to Backblaze is Easy

Speed & Security

Migrate millions of files and petabytes of data at cloud-native speeds with built-in retries and error handling, and no downtime during migration.


Connect your source and destination storages and begin migrating in minutes or let one of our cloud migration experts take care of your entire migration for you.

Long Term Savings

At only $5/TB/month, Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is less than ΒΌ the price of Amazon S3 so you can scale your cloud storage infrastructure affordably.

S3 Compatible API

Instantly plug into Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage without needing to write new code or change your existing workflows.

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Calculate your Savings

If you are migrating more than 10 TB of data from Amazon S3 to Backblaze B2, Backblaze will pay for your migration fees! Learn More

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